This blog is to document for family and friends the restoration process of the Carlyle III. Originally built in Vancouver, Canada in 1930, she was christened as a beam trawler for shrimp and a salmon seiner. In 1945 she was lengthened and turned into a workboat and company yacht for the successful businessman Earl Finning and used to deliver parts and close sales deals all over the logging camps of coastal British Columbia. She has been a Revenue Cutter, Gold Prospecting camp, Fisheries vessel, and is now undergoing a complete restoration to enjoy a quiet retirement as a family cruiser in the Pacific Northwest.



3 thoughts on “About

  1. I enjoy reading people’s adventures with wooden boats. Especially vintage works of floating art. I was in the USCG (85-95) and I find it interesting that she was a Revenue Cutter. Do you have old photos of her with CG markings?

    Very fun read. Keep posting and I will keep reading.

    Scott Toney


    • She was born and raised in Canada until about 1999, so her service was with the Ministry of Finance for British Columbia. I hope to spend some time at the maritime museums in Vancouver and Victoria BC, which may yield some photos from that era. Thank you for reading, and thank you for your service with the USCG.



  2. Hi, I always wondered what happened to this boat. In the early 1970’s(I am not sure which year) my family and another family did a trip aboard the Carlyle III exploring desolation sound, Waddington channel, and up Toba Inlet. It is really good to see she is still afloat and by the work you have done on this site about the work you have done on the boat, in very good hands. She looks great!!


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